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Answers to Common Questions about the Hmong Children's Book Preorders

 The preorders for our Hmong children's board books are going amazingly well! That said, there have been a few questions that have come up over and over again so I wanted to address them.  Here are the questions I answer: 1. Is the Hmong children's book available in Green Hmong as well?YES! We are NOW officially accepting preorders for the Green Hmong version of our children's book as well! If you bought a White Hmong version of the book and want to exchange it for a Green Hmong version of the book, do the following: Email Tell us your order number Tell us that you want to your exchange your White Hmong book for a Green Hmong book We'll take care of...

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3 Ways To Make Flashcards Fun and Effective

So, some people think flashcards are boring and unproductive in studying, but the truth is that flashcards have been used for hundreds of years because they simply work! In addition, current research shows that using flashcards is one of the most effective ways to learn something new. OK little flashies. Y'all rock. But for the parents who do want to teach their kids the Hmong language, the question remains: how can we use flashcards to teach our kids Hmong effectively? Kids learn best when they are curious and are having fun. As a parent, it's super important to teach kids how to associate fun with learning. Don't just give a 2 year old a deck of flashcards and expect them to learn. You'll end up with ripped and bent-up flashcards!...

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