Answers to Common Questions about the Hmong Children's Book Preorders

 The preorders for our Hmong children's board books are going amazingly well!

That said, there have been a few questions that have come up over and over again so I wanted to address them. 

Here are the questions I answer:

1. Is the Hmong children's book available in Green Hmong as well?
YES! We are NOW officially accepting preorders for the Green Hmong version of our children's book as well! 

If you bought a White Hmong version of the book and want to exchange it for a Green Hmong version of the book, do the following:

  1. Email
  2. Tell us your order number
  3. Tell us that you want to your exchange your White Hmong book for a Green Hmong book
  4. We'll take care of the rest!

These are some important things to take note of before we can get the Green Hmong book:
Our printing company needs a minimum of 150 preorders before it can print EACH book. They will NOT split up that minimum order which means that they won't print 80 White Hmong versions and 70 Green Hmong versions. In their eyes, these two books are completely different which means that we need to have a minimum preorder of 150 for the Green Hmong children's book as well. Can we do this? I believe so! If you want the Green Hmong book then share the following link with your other Green Hmong family and friends so that they can help us get this Green Hmong book printed! Share this link:
If you haven't placed your preorder for your Green Hmong children's book yet, you can do so HERE.

2. Is this children's book any good?
Here's what people who got an advanced e-book version of the book is saying:

  • Being a second mom to 11 kids and counting, this book is a very creative way to engage with my nieces and nephews! The simplicity of it is what makes it so unique! As the Hmong language is seeming to be forgotten in our younger generations, this book will definitely be a fun and interactive learning system for our kids! Ua Si translated to "Play" would make the perfect gift for any occasion! ~ Pachi
  • "This book is so well illustrated and written. I love that both my boys, ages 1 and 3, enjoys the book equally. My 1 year old enjoys the vibrant colors and characters, and my 3 year enjoys the story and characters in the book. I recommend this book for any parent looking to add Hmong culture to their child's education. This book is also a great birthday or baby shower gift!" ~ Kee
  • "I'm so excited that this is a board book! Now I can share the Hmong language with my 2 year old and not be worried about investing in a book that she will rip up while reading. I received the pdf version of this book before the board book actually launched. My daughter loves it! Super duper excited for more board books in the future!" ~ MK
  • "I love that there is another book for my kids to read in Hmong! It is just perfect for their attention span and the colors are bright and the pictures are engaging. Both my 2 and 4 year olds love it and can relate because all they want to do is play!" ~ Nancy

3. What does preorder mean? When can I expect to receive my Hmong children's book?
Preorder means that your card will be charged but you won't receive the book until a later date. Think of this like a Kickstarter campaign! Barring any major set backs or uncontrollable events, I am confident that you'll receive your book before Christmas. In the mean time, I'll keep everyone in the loop with regular updates about the manufacturing process of the books.

4. Does the preorder period last forever and ever and ever? Or is there an end date to this madness? Preorders CLOSE next Wednesday, Sept. 27th at 11:59pm CST.

I will not be taking orders again for the book until further notice. When I do offer the books again, it will be at the retail price of $20 per book.

I will be closing preorders because I want to give us enough time to print, process, and ship the books so that you can receive your book before Christmas. If I push the closing date out too far, I’ll be cutting it too close and I want to make sure that everyone is able to give these books as gifts for Christmas (hint hint!).

Remember, if you preorder your book(s) before next Wednesday, you’ll get 10% OFF your book order. 

5. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to Australia, France, and all the way to Canada too :)

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know!

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