Our Story

Mykou Thao started looking for Hmong educational products to teach her young daughter the Hmong language. After searching and searching only to find so little products available, she decided to create her own animal flashcards with Hmong words for her daughter. When other parents saw her flashcards, they immediately reached out to her and wanted it for their own children. So Mykou had her flashcards professionally printed and began to sell them. The response was overwhelming- so many people wanted to buy them and thus, HmongBaby was born! After creating her flashcards, she quickly moved on to becoming an author writing such stories where we follow a little boy named Tub in finding friends to play with in ‘Ua Si, Ua Si” (Play, Play) and cheering on Gaolu as she finds the courage and confidence to believe in herself in “Kuv Ua Tau” (I Can Do It).

At the end of 2020, Mykou decided that it was time to pursue other passions. It was a difficult decision to make because she loved HmongBaby so much and wanted to pass the torch to someone who would love it just as much as she did or more! This led her to find one particular person that she felt was the perfect fit for HmongBaby. In January 2021, HmongBaby switched hands to none-other than Julie Thao. 

Julie is passionate about early childhood education and Hmong language. She has a BA in Business and Speech Communications and a Master’s in Education. She also holds a diploma in Montessori education. Julie is fluent in the Hmong language being able to speak, read, and write it. Before HmongBaby, Julie operated a home daycare for 7 years. Prior to that, she was the lead teacher in the preschool at the YMCA for 2.5 years. Julie has 5 lovely children, with the oldest being 14 years old and the youngest turning one year old in April. Julie is excited to be with HmongBaby and cannot wait to share more stories and products to help your children learn Hmong!




"Every language is a world." - George Steiner