Digital Number Flashcards v2

Digital Number Flashcards v2

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Available in Hmong Leng and Hmong White.

IMPORTANT: This product is exactly like the physical version, but it's digital so it can be accessed as an "app" on your tablets and smart phones wherever you are! 

It's inevitable that your kids are going to start counting. Take some time to teach your kids their numbers in Hmong with the Numbers Flash Card set. It's going to be adorable hearing them count in Hmong!

With these digital flashcards, you can print your own copies of the flashcards OR you can view it on a tablet and use it as digital flashcards!

What Customers are Saying:

"HmongBaby isn't just about teaching Hmong to your kids. It's about connecting parents with children and grandparents with grandchildren. Love love!" - Miranda X.


This product is BOTH a PDF and a web app that can exist on your mobile device.

Once you checkout, you'll receive an email where you can download the PDF instantaneously.

To access your flashcards as an "app" on your mobile device, click on the link on the first page of your PDF.

The left side of each page contains a cute and simple picture with the Hmong word underneath. The right side of each page contains the word in Hmong and 3 questions to help you start a simple conversation in Hmong with your child. It also includes the word in English.

NOTE: This product is for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Digital products are non-refundable.