Hmong Women History Makers Series: Pro Golfer Megan Khang

Imagine that you were able to raise your children to be strong and courageous, to chase after their dreams, and to pursue their passions.

Every good parent wants their children to succeed in life and to do what they love, but how do we teach our kids this when we ourselves are struggling to live into our own dreams?

How do we show our children what it looks like to succeed when we're still trying to figure it out ourselves?

If you're tired of settling for mediocrity and want more for yourself and your children, then our Hmong Women History Makers Series is for you.

The author, Tony Robbins writes, "The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful."

Hmong Women History Makers Series

This series will be released in promotion of the launch of my newest book, Kuv Ua Tau (I Can Do It).

These 3 Hmong women embody courage, resilience, and empowerment, all characteristics that I want to teach young kids through my newest book 

The Hmong Women History Makers Series is a collection of interviews with inspiring Hmong women who are pioneers in their fields. They have gone against cultural norms and have accomplished what few other Hmong women have. They are examples of courage and resilience for us and our children.

In this series, these women share their stories and give tips on how they were able to overcome obstacles to reach their dreams. 

My hope is that their stories and insights might help you and your kids achieve your dreams and live a vibrant life :)

Today's guest is Megan Khang. Megan is the world's first Hmong professional golfer. Megan started playing golf at the age of 5. She competed for 7 years in the United States Golf Association's U.S. Girls’ Championship. She also helped Team USA win the Junior Solheim Cup and was the only player to go 5-0. In 2016, at the age of 18, she decided not to go to college and instead, chose to play golf professionally in the Ladies Professional Golf Association. Megan has finished in the top 10 in numerous major golf tournaments.

In this video, learn how to:

  • Use the power of perspective to overcome difficult situations
  • Utilize family support to pursue your dreams
  • Grow through mistakes

All of the Hmong women in the History Makers Series embody courage, resilience, and empowerment, all characteristics that I want to teach young kids, especially girls, through my newest book called, Kuv Ua Tau (I Can Do It)

This book features a whimsical Hmong girl named Nkauj Lug (Gaolu) who reminds us that we are all more capable than we realize. This book will teach your kids how to have a "can do" attitude so that they have the courage to pursue their dreams :)

Preorders for this book will begin on March 27, 2018. 

To be notified when this book is available for preorders, click HERE :)


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