The History Makers Series is coming soon!

In these last few weeks, I've been recording interviews with inspiring Hmong women for my History Makers Series.

What is the History Makers Series?

The History Makers Series is a compilation of video interviews I conduct with Hmong women who are pioneers in their fields. We get to hear their story and learn tips on how they've experienced success so that we can share those lessons with our kids.

This series will be released in promotion of the launch of my newest book, Kuv Ua Tau (I Can Do It).

The Hmong women I interviewed embody courage, resilience, and empowerment, all characteristics that I want to teach young kids through my newest book :)

The women that I'll be interviewing are:

I'm super excited to share these videos with you!

Expect Dr. Hang's video interview in these next few days!

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