Kuv Ua Tau - Hmong Children's Book Update #4

I'm very excited to let you know that our newest Hmong children's book, Kuv Ua Tau (I Can Do It) passed quality control, has been packed, picked up from the book printing company in China, and should be on it's way to the United States right at this moment!
The above pallet must be the most beautiful pallet I've ever seen :)
I can't believe that the books are almost here. I still remember when the book idea was just in my brain 5 months ago. Here's how it happened:
  • January 2018: Wrote the book
  • February 2018: Illustrations completed by my talented friend, Stephanie Ritter
  • March 2018: Preorders taken
  • April 2018: Finalized book
  • May 2018: Printed books and having it shipped to the US
This has been a long process so thank you for sticking with me on this journey to getting these books printed and shipped!
Barring any catastrophes that I cannot control, you should receive your book sometime in June :)
I'm so excited to share this one with you!

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