Hmong Children's Book Update #5

In the book update #4, I mentioned that I had given our printing company the final approval to start mass producing our books. In this update, I have good news: they've finished printing the books!

Below are some pictures of the books in the factory:

It's so cool to see the behind the scenes process of book printing!!! I'm so glad they sent me these pictures so that I could share them with you :)

They are currently working on the gloss lamination process. Once that is finished, they have to bind the books then get them ready to ship to me and once I receive them, I'll get the books ready to be shipped out to our preorder customers before Christmas :)

Thanks so much for your patience!


  • Mykou

    Hi Hlee! It was a joy to make this book :) Can’t wait to hear the responses of your nephews and nieces to the book! Please let me know!

    Hi Mir! Thanks so much for commenting and your support!

    Hi Pa! Thanks for helping out with the book!

    Hi Sam! The book printing process was such an interesting journey! I’m super glad that my husband helped me out with it. So much complexity!!!

  • Sam

    Wow! The process of printing a book is amazing!

  • Pa

    Yay!!! Can’t wait to receive them!!!

  • Miranda Xiong

    These are pretty cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hlee Moua

    Thank You Mykou for your hard work and determine mind. I can’t wait to receive the book as they’ll be a great asset for my nieces and nephew. Plus, it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift for them.

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