Book Release Party Recap

Thanks everyone who came to my Book Release Party in Minnesota on Saturday, June 2nd! I appreciate you! 

The truth is, the Book Release Party almost didn't happen!

Here's the story: Last Wednesday, I got an email telling me that we wouldn’t receive the book until Monday, June 4th. I was like, “No!!! I have my Book Release Party on Saturday! I need my books ASAP! What am I going to do???”

I calmed down and thought about what options I had. I messaged the shipping company and asked if they could expedite the delivery of my books to Friday since I had a book event on Saturday.

The company got back to me on Thursday night telling me that they will deliver it by Friday around 11am-3pm.

On Friday, I wait and wait and when it’s 3:05pm, and I still haven’t received the books, so I give the shipping company a call. They apologize and tell me that they can’t deliver the books because they don’t have the right truck.


I’m feeling anxious because I need the books for the Book Release Party! I ask if I can come to the warehouse and just pick up some books. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get the books!

He asks his manager to see if it’s possible and...

his manger says YES!!!

I drop everything I'm doing and I go and pick up the books and although it was a more difficult process than what I was expecting, it was totally worth it!


The event was held at Kids Oasis, an indoor playground in Stillwater, MN. It's super fun for kids and you can even do kids birthday parties there. Check it out! 



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