3 Apps You can Use to Help Teach Your Kids Hmong

Here at HmongBaby, we love physical products. You can feel the flashcards on your fingers and smell the pages of the books. It's awesome!

But the limitation of physical products is that if you don't have them with you, then your kids won't be able to practice their Hmong. And as we all know: practice makes permanent :)

So what do we do?

This is where Apps come in! Below, you'll find 3 Apps that you can download so that when you and your kids are at the grocery store, on a long road trip, or just waiting at the doctor's office, your they can continue to learn Hmong in fun ways :)


Hmong Kids TV app

1) Hmong Kids TV App by MangoBlue (iOS)

One way for children to learn Hmong is by hearing Hmong...A LOT! The problem with the regular YouTube app and the YouTube for Kids app is that most videos are in English. The Hmong Kids TV app solves this problem by only showing kid friendly, Hmong-related videos to your toddlers. Although the content is limited right now, they do expect to add more videos over time. The app is FREE and available here.


Hmonglish app

2) Hmonglish App by MasterHmong Co (Android)

Developed in 2017, Hmonglish is a simple and FREE Android app which helps kids (and adults!) learn Hmong vocabulary. When you tap on a specific flashcard, you will hear how to pronounce the word in either White Hmong or Green Hmong. Props for adding the Green Hmong dialect as well! Currently, the app includes 4 categories: Animals, fruits, numbers, and colors. You can check it out here.


3) HmongBaby Apps by HmongBaby (iOS and Android)

Did you know that we also have apps for our digital flashcards as well? If not, surprise! When you purchase our digital flashcards, you have the option of downloading our SIMPLE apps to your phone! The video below will show you exactly how do to it.


To get our FREE digital flashcards sample pack, CLICK HERE.   

You can view our selection of our simple Hmong digital flashcards here.


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