Our First Hmong Children's Book Is Coming Soon!

Every night before I put my two year old down for bed, we read a book together. Every single book she has is in English, except for one Spanish book. I've been working hard to change this and I'm proud to share with you that soon my daughter will have her first Hmong children's board book to add to her personal library written by none other than her momma :)

The book is entitled, "Ua Si, Ua Si!" (Play! Play!) and features a little boy named Tub (Tou) and his animal friends!

I've spent a good amount of time, energy and money to produce this book and now I need your help. The book printer has informed me that they will not print the books unless there is a minimum order of 150 books. I believe that we can do this!

Starting on Wed, 9/20 @ 12pm CST, you can begin preordering the book. The retail price is $19.95 but if you preorder before 9/27 at 11:59pm, then you'll get a 10% so you'll only have to pay $17.96 (plus shipping).

I'm excited to share this book with you and know that your little ones will love it :) Stay tuned because I'll be sharing more information about this in the next few days!


Mykou Thao

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