My two year old knows more Hmong than my husband

The other night, my husband was putting my 2 year old daughter down for bed. Her night time routine includes reading a book so she grabbed the book, Press Here and they read it in English and translated it into Hmong. They turned to a page where there was a blue dot, red dot, and yellow dot all in one line.

My husband pointed to the blue dot and asked our daughter, "Nuav yog xim dlaab tsi?" (What color is this?)
She replied, "Blue!"
He asked, "Lug Moob neb?" (What about in Hmong?)
She thought about it for a moment then said, "Xav!" (Blue!)
"Good job!"

My husband then pointed to the red dot and asked her, "Nuav yog xim dlaab tsi?" (What color is this?)
She replied, "Red!"
He asked, "Lug Moob neb?"  (What about in Hmong?)
"Lab!" she responded. (Red!)
"Zoo heev!" (Good job!)

Then my husband pointed to the yellow dot and said out loud, "Hmm... Daddy tsi ncu xim nuav yog dlaab tsi huv lus Moob es..." (Daddy doesn't remember how to say this in Hmong...). 
A second later, our daughter says, "Dlaaj!" (Yellow!)
My husband bursted out laughing and said, "My daughter knows more Hmong than me!"
She just smiled at him :)

Our efforts of teaching our daughter the Hmong language is working y'all! I believe that you can have similar and even better results than we are getting! Practice daily, play games, and have fun!

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